BRENT HALFYARD @NarratorMan - "Lay Down" (Jawaiian)


Starting out on bass at the age of 13, Brent took lessons in jazz and practised tirelessly. But the pull of rock and rolls was too great and he soon joined a trio playing cover tunes and originals at high school parties and auditoriums. Brent needed to learn a melodic instrument to write songs, so he learned to sing and taught himself to play acoustic guitar. After many bands and tours across Canada, he absorbed a variety of influences whilst performing and recording with other talented musicians. 

Brent picked up the piano to further assist in the song writing process. One influence that really stuck was the infectious rhythm of reggae, particularly Bob Marley. He studied not only the vocal styling of Marley, but also the intricate percussion and guitar off beats and complex patterns. After some very close calls with record deals and air play on Much Music, playing in bands from blues to Latin to pop, Brent felt he needed to branch out on his own to truly find his own voice. After a trip to Hawaii Brent purchased his first ukulele teaching himself the instrument and penning songs for his first solo EP. 

He blended styles of reggae with some Hawaiian influences and themes after he discovered bands were blending Hawaiian sounds with that of traditional reggae, aka 'Jawaiian' music. Brent has since built a professional studio in his home honing his skills as a producer to ensure he is never far from his beloved creative environment. 

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