Dice Real @dicereal_msfn @frankwiseceo - "Oh Lawd" (Audio)

Daniel "Dice Real" Dixon  is an emerging rapper/singer/songwriter/producer/recording engineer from Rochester, NY who first found his passion and gift at creating music at 17 years old. "When I was younger I would write Tupac verses over and over again, hahaha! I just was fascinated by looking at his words and really understanding how he formatted them." Coming from Rochester, NY is not at all the easiest place to blow up in the music game, being a city with no hip hop superstars that made it in the industry. But that haven't stopped Dice Real. "See coming from Rochester makes it hard to get in the music game! We got a lot of talent but no support because there's not a light on us for music. They'll notice me in the streets from songs or videos I have out there so that's cool. It's tough here but things are starting to look a lot better on the support". Dice started with Frank Wise of World Wise Movement back in 2010. The two immediately clicked because of the passion and the goal they both shared for making it in the music industry. In 2014 Dice started a indie label MSFN Music Group which stands for "Making Something From Nothing" which the title speaks for itself! Accompanied by other artist and producers, WorldWise/MSFN is on the way to something great. "I named my label by how I see my life. I'm a kid from one of the toughest inner cities to live in who escape the label "product of my environment" and became a man who is focused on changing that assumption of such a title for me and all my love ones forever!

Dice Real's focuses these days have been in creating the superstar artist he wants to be, and in songwriting which he believes one day he'll have an solid career in the music industry for.

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