Mr Go Get It @mrgogetitbbe - "Running Man"

Mr Go Get It is one of the entertainment industry’s hit rappers who is currently trending and going places with his rap music. He has risen from the street lights to be one of the few musicians who are currently in the spotlight and fast rising to fame. Whatever the artist promises his fans in the streets, they surely shall get. The rapper is based in Dallas/Louisiana from where he managed to successfully wade through the stiff competition in the industry of Dallas, Texas, to be where he stands today.

Mr Go Get It’s career ignition is attributed to the reputable label of baddblood, which has seen him transform into a hot game changer in hip hop rap music. He has rivaled street strap music and hot club bangers to reach where he is today. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and his real name is Julius Joaquin Johnson. 

Currently, Mr Go Get It resides in Denton, Texas. He has recently completed a single project, dubbed ‘Headed to the Top Volume 1&2

Twitter and IG. @mrgogetitbbe

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