Chino! @1LOECHINO His latest single titled"History"

We have a new artist alertand he goes by the name of Chino! His latest single titled"History" recently dropped on audiomack and if you haven't already heard it, you might want to get on it. As you listen to his music, you'll get a feel for the path he's headed towards and where he came from, which is pretty much what the song"History" is about.

Music has always been apart of Chino's life and it has also become a great outlet. His vision is to help people see beyond their own visions and through his artistry he plans to do just that. He wants his success to not only benefit him, but his family and the people around him.

A quote he lives by is "L.O.E LOYALTY OVER EVERYTHING!"
and it's only right that he continues to strive for success and live his life the
L.O.E Way!

You can keep up with Chino by following him on IG @1LOECHINO
and you can listen to his new single "History" by clicking the link below.

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