John F Henny @dontbelikeRyan - Light It Up 2

John F Henny @dontbelikeRyan - Light It Up 2

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After blazing the airwaves of New Jersey for the better half of the last decade John Henny has returned to his roots and emerged as one of the fastest rising stars in music today. John Henny bum-rushes forward with the same unquestionable drive and controversial attitude that took him from music to airwaves in the Tri-State Area. 

He continues to push the envelope lyrically while providing compelling stories of the ups and downs in what's affectionately known as Illtown blues. After seeing the atrocities that come from being raised in the hood Henny made a vow to get himself out and succeeded, but that wasn't enough. 

He started a marketing company Club Or Die to help promote local musicians including his very own group Gentlemenz Club. There he expanded from doing guerrilla promotions all the way to local radio until that became his sole profession. He's seen "the height of heights" as he describes, but also the lows which give his music a unique perspective. Now it appears that his focus is solely music once again and he's back with a vengeance!

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