URBANO - Happy Hour (Official Video)

As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Family values have created a strong foundation for this brother and sister urban pop music group. The seeds had been sowed quite some time ago, expanding their roots and firmly planting them in music. Growing up, this brother and sister duo have branched out in many different areas but always attained an unbreakable bond that tied them together. Positive reinforcement has always been a staple in their household, as a passion for the arts has stimulated their personal progress. Many people today seem to overlook artistic value, casting away imagination and creativity. Within their household it was encouraged to pursue their dreams, and with each step, grow into their full potential. For John & Ris, their love for making music had illuminated their purpose quite brightly. They began not only recording music but also honed their craft as songwriters - creating melodies, harmonies and lyrics for all their original songs.
Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, this duo realized their gift and started to pursue solo music careers. John started recording his raps at Studio 4, located in Conshohocken, PA. At the age of 16, he began working with stellar producer and engineer, Will Yip. Following in her younger brother's footsteps, Ris started her singing career, recording her songs at Studio 4 with Will. With every step in the learning process, they networked with many different producers, engineers, and other artists such as Huey Mack, Reed Dollaz, Danimal Lector and Jitta On The Track.
Even though John & Ris pursued solo music careers, they still wanted to work together and share something that was not only a collaborative effort, but very unique. Bringing them closer together, they put in more work and effort to make their dreams come true. After making some collaborative singles, John kept pursuing a career in rap, as Ris pursued a vocation in the House genre of EDM music. Ris collaborated with DJS such as Markus Cole, DJ CHANGE, and DJ Marley Waters, who recently co-produced and co-wrote the smash hit "2 On" for Tinashe. Ris was also featured in Tilt Magazine online for her debut EP "Good Karma". John also came out with a solo mixtape entitled "Sleeping Giant", which he released online. After the release of their solo projects, two local Philadelphia clothing brands approached John & Ris as sponsors. John & Ris are still currently sponsored by both brands, which are creatively named Great Society and Milli Wear.

Music Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5MGoFnOTag
Contact: urbanomusicgroup@gmail.com

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