Opium Pulses is a gaming orientated company with its own community.


Opium Pulses is a gaming orientated company with its own community. Starting as a UK based PC clan in 2002, it evolved into an international community in 2012. Things have really started to move fast for OP in recent years, after registering as a business in 2014.
Our aim as a community was to offer our members something more than just a platform to play games with each other. We wanted to deliver services that gave people a reason to come back. With the creation of our various Steam groups, we provide in-house and developer sponsored giveaways, the platform and security for members to trade their games, gaming news reports and deal announcements to inform users of bargains around the net.
Our Arcade went live in late 2013 and our Store launched in February 2014, since then Opium Pulses as a community has grown to over four times the size. Other projects provided under the OP branding include an on-going series of Podcasts, real-time gaming expedition coverage and our own giveaway system developed by the people behind SteamGameSwap.
In 2015 after releasing a few OP branded bundles with FlyingBundle.com, we re-launched our website to give existing features like the Arcade and Store complete overhauls and introduced new ideas like our articles, achievements and loyalty points. We also took the time to further integrate our unique content such as Steam announcements, podcasts and videos in to the site.
Going forward we wish to continue shaping the OP brand and pushing to bring more useful tools and community features to make Opium Pulses feel like the one stop destination for everything you desire as gamers.

Watch live video from OpiumPulses on www.twitch.tv

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