Angel Gerrot's New Single "Kings in Full"

Angel Gerrot's New Single "Kings in Full" 

From the upcoming "Angels Gerrot" 

Coming Out in Digital stores and Amazon on CD 
January 13, 2017

Singer Song Writer "Angel Gerrot" starting from the bottom of the YouTube barrel looking for subscribers to support me in my channel. My channel is a work in progress, I am currently trying to get social media sites up and running to support my channel but i need help, and my hopes are that enough people like my music to support me in future projects, music videos, social media marketing, and live performances. I am looking for support. Most of all Social media marketing and media marketing. Thank you So much these are the songs I wrote, I hope you like them. Please comment, like, and share. If you can offer any support I am looking for social media marketeers, music video producers, and any one else that would like to collaborate with me on projects.

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