Keem Killi @KeemKilli - "Forever Yours"

Keno Ackeem Johnson better known as Keem Killi was born on August 18 , 1995 in Kingston, Jamaica. Keem Killi is a creavite Jamaican DJ, singer, songwriter, and student. Keem Killi is influence by Vybz Kartel, Bob Marley, SuperCat and Biggie Smalls.

Keem Killi started music when moving to America by the influence of knowing the famous reggae artistes Wada Blood(in jamaica) and Nicolanji(in America). Keem Killi was raise up in the street of Brooklyn where the famous Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and Ricky Blaze are from. Keem Killi started off by doing rap music which Keem killi had stop doing in late 2012 to focus on his reggae career which he is in the up raising. 

Keem Killi has the spice for the girls and the charm for the ladies. He is becoming known for his explict lyrics, party songs, and slow dancing songs.



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