Nias - "Without You"

Nias - "Without You"

Nias is a songwriter / producer born in Brooklyn, NY. His work usually blends various musical forms. This song “Without You” (Acoustic) was not crafted to be a traditional “radio hit”. It was more of an artistic expression, a vocally driven production that combines elements of jazz, classical, and R&B into one. 

It reflects Nias love of vocal texture and musicianship that was a hallmark of music that he heard growing up. It was recorded and mastered in New York City at Sound Association Studios by Engineer Craig Weinberg. Nias and Ming perform all the vocals, Preston Fulwood is on Piano and the Trilian Bass module. Charisa Dowe Rouse is on Viola, and Abdul Zurhi is on Acoustic Electric guitar. 

The video was filmed in Manhattan’s Highline Park and near the famous Highline Ballroom venue. It features Singer / Songwriter Lajuan Carter Dent performing Ming’s vocals with Nias for the video. William Herndon and Rose Lytle filmed, directed, and edited the footage for Neon Lion Productions. 

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