John ( Bang Bizzy ) Bone - "Grim Reaper"


John ( Bang Bizzy ) Bone, - ” I Rap to show yall the life of an underdog, and if u reach for the stars and work hard , you gon go far” I live what I rap and rap what I live

I tell deep realistic stories with my lyrics, I am that one guy who no one believed, but I never let it get to me because I believed in myself. I’m not the average rapper

I don’t fit in, I stand out, I don’t tell people what they want to hear… I tell them what they need to. One thing I can promise I WILL out work any man who rap, because my Love for music is deep like NO other. I’m not one dimensional, I’m a fun creative young worker who is spontaneous, and likes to say funny things because that’s how I am as a person.

I can go on for days talking about my talent creativity, and my love for music, but my music says it all. “Food for thought, so If you Think hard, you’ll probably taste it” - Bang Bizzy

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