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Mahogany Dannie

As a vocalist with the kind of voice that turns heads and garners attention, Mahogany Dannie is a future legend to your dynamic powerhouse vocalists of eras gone by. With a beautiful command of both her own tone and her volume, Dannie can be the perfect choice for any musical project that wants to create a command voice.

Ever since her childhood, Dannie has had a long-term desire to be involved in entertainment from her days in the youth choir. This love of being involved means that Dannie has spent much of her life in creative pursuits. From writing short stories and poetry to taking on advanced educational studies such as a Criminal Justice, Dannie uses her passion to achieve her goals.

It’s this passion that has drawn her to the entertainment business. She even served as an enlisted in  part of the military! In her military career, she began to deeply learn, consider and appreciate playing the guitar and song writing in general.

Over the years these extracurricular activities played a major role in her personal and professional development. From basketball, track, and volleyball to playing music that inspires others, she has found a way to harness her talents and use them for good all the while becoming a true leader.

Whilst everyone tends to proclaim they are unique and different, Dannie looks to create music about the many choices in life. Instead of concentrating on materialism and simplistic gain, Dannie looks beyond that and into various genres to create a feeling that everyone can relate to.

By providing a smooth and effective new voice to the Memphis scene, Dannie also offers a wonderful sound. Her talents tally perfectly with both progressive pop and alternative soul tracks, making her the perfect choice for those who want something that sounds epic but carries the right kind of harmony, too.

A singer/songwriter of the classic kind, as well as a talented guitarist, Dannie excels at creating original sounds that move away from the norm. Her appeal to more unique sounds and styles means that she works well in this era of new flavour artists. Away from the world of mimics and copycats, Dannie offers a subtle reminder that a unique sound and using your own personality is the best way to go.

Her native Memphian attributes means that her dynamic vocals comes from the heart. With the sweetest disposition and a real desire to give each and every event she takes on 100% of her effort and commitment, Dannie is the perfect candidate for a dynamic sound that matches the emotion.

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