Nicolle & The Joonoos - "Pass Time Love"

Nicolle & The Joonoos 

Nicolle & The Joonoos began on SoundCloud releasing demos and managed to build a significant following in the space of a few months. this didn’t go unnoticed by unand-coming label MST SOUNDS. Seeing their potential, unique style, and their wicked sense of humour they were soon added to the MST SOUNDS stable. This collaboration proved to be way more successful then both could ever of anticipated! 

Nicolle & The Joonoos are not your average indie-country group, they’re rolling drum rhythms, pumping bass lines and rocking guitars will even struggle to make the most stiff music listeners struggle to stay still. But all of this leads you into a false sense of security as the innocent sound vocals of Nicolle slap you in the face as she tells you struggles of being a teenage girl in the 21st century. 

Now paired with MST SOUNDS, they are set to reach new heights as radio, tv and press begin to embrace this new style of music hitting the scene. They’re unique blend of country, indie, rock & folk mixed in with the "MST Sound”, they really put they’re own stamp on the new vintage-indie genre entering the scene. They’re EP “as If…" is available from all digital retailers across the globe. A limited edition 12” vinyl is also now available from the MST SOUNDS website and will in stores from 2017.

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