"Lessons in love" by jazz singer Alla van Delft.

"Lessons in love" by jazz singer Alla van Delft.

Off the New album "By Time Machine to the 80s" 
by jazz singer Alla van Delft.

"Lessons in love" 
Written by Wally Badarou, Mark King and Rowland Gould
Vocals by Alla van Delft (Germany) 
Piano - by Fabrizio Selli (Italy) 
Sound Designer - Christopher Nesbitt (USA)

"By Time Machine to the 80s" is a new offering by jazz singer  Alla van Delft. It is interesting and unusual for a number of reasons. First of all, this is not a typical jazz record. Although it relies on the traditional vocalist/piano duo format, the songs are not traditional jazz standards. "By Time Machine to the 80s" reinterprets pop standards from the 80s through jazz stylings.  

Music, unlike most art forms, is temporal in nature. Music is intimately linked to the passage of time. Music is never present all at once as we listen to it. As we listen to music we are engaged with its temporal flow. In other words, music is temporal but somehow transcends time. Music has the ability to evoke memories of the past and give us anticipations of the future. This temporal dimension of music seems to be at the heart of Alla's musical vision. She wants to use music as a means to jump back and forth between different musical decades.  "By Time Machine to the 80s" is the first of a series of albums.  

On her own musical journey, Alla speaks about how jazz evokes memories of touching her grandfather's vinyl record collection. "Whenever you are touching the black vinyl grooves with your fingers," she says, "you feel the special smooth feeling cradling your heart." One of the unfortunate effects of our digital age is that we have lost this tactile sense. Holding a vinyl record in your hand actually makes it possible to feel the musical grooves between your fingertips. Our auditory, visual, and tactile sense not only allow us to enjoy and find our way around in the world, they are a key to past as well as to the future.  

Although her original inspiration was her grandfather's vinyl record collection, Alla's musical vision did not come to birth until she met Milan pianist Fabrizio Selli. Fabrizio was fascinated by Alla's idea to "dress the hits of the 80s in new musical clothes." Alla and Fabrizio immediately headed into the recording studio to bring Alla's musical vision to life. The result is a beautiful 12 song album based on Fabrizio's wonderful piano playing and Alla's sensual vocals.  

Alla refers to her musical project as "borderline jazz." It is not intended to please the jazz purist. Borderline jazz straddles the border that separates jazz and pop music. Many people forget that jazz, at one time, was the pop music of its day. The Jazz Age was not just about music. It was about changing trends in culture, fashion, and aesthetic sensibility.  Alla is intrigued with the dynamic and colorful fashion trends of the 80s. One singer who comes to mind while listening to Alla and Fabrizio's musical reinterpretations of 80s pop songs is the 1960's German chanteuse Nico. Nico was the quintessential pop icon of the 60s who combined fashion, avant-garde aesthetics, and rock music. Nico's music often evoked memories of the earlier musical eras such as the cabaret days of Germany in the 1930s.  

Album Credits 

The sound magic of Alla and Fabrizio's musical collaboration is heavily indebted to US sound designer Chris Nesbitt. Chris's sound engineering expertise helps all the musical elements of the album find their proper place. He finds the perfect balance between fairytale and realism in the songs. The cover art was painted by the German artist Melanie Frey.

A very special thanks goes to the family and to Timothy Lalonde who supported Alla through all the time of creating and recording of the album.
She wishes you a very pleasant music journey to the past as you listen to the album. Please take your seats in the musical time machine, and your journey will start immediately!!!
This is the first of many many musical journeys.  

Alla's next trips to  other years are coming soon!

Contact Info: PR Delft Music www.pr-delft-music.com

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