Street Noize CoCky - "WILD OUT RELOAD"

Street Noize CoCky - "WILD OUT RELOAD"

Street Noize CoCky is a hip hop and rap artist, producer, DJ, and the CEO of M2K Audio.

Street Noize CoCky Announces All-New Album, ‘CoCky’s Da Name’ Underground hip hop and rap artist is working in the studio on a brand new project. 

Street Noize CoCky has officially announced that he is currently in the studio working on a brand new project called CoCky’s Da Name. The highly anticipated new album will offer even more of Street Noize CoCky’s authentic, original sound in several all-new tracks. 

Street Noize CoCky is an underground hip hop and rap artist who is largely considered one of the most underrated emcees of today. “He has a unique voice and his flow is tight. He’s passionate, creative, and socially conscious,” said one reviewer. Street Noize CoCky is expected to release an upcoming announcement regarding the release of his new album. 

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