The Rapper, The Devil, The Music Industry - Tyran Maxey

T Y R A N       M A X E Y



Re-introducing Tyran Maxey aka F.A.L.C.K.U.N. an underground hip-hop rap specialist who concentrates on the realities of life by illustrating his ability to story tell. Previous influences, include some of the original pioneers such as, Slick Rick, KRS-One, NWA, and Wu Tang Clan just to name a few. Tyran Maxey has been known to rock free style events in all zones of the U.S. F.A.L.C.K.U.N. has also been recognized in magazines, newspapers, and blogs pointing out his talents. A seasoned veteran always holding an allegiance to the underground sector, Tyran Maxey has come to realize that he must finally broaden his horizons to the next level of attempting to assist in restoring an area of hip hop that has become almost invisible with the exception of selected individuals. Acknowledging that music has its many styles doesn’t take away that there is a need for the re implementation of conscious awareness. Rap is an art that is sacred beyond any outlook however, our eyes must be re-opened to its true value. In doing so, F.A.L.C.K.U.N. pledges to accomplish this task. His lead single, entitled “The F.A.L.C.K.U.N. Returns” reiterates a ferocious form of lyrical content to grab the attention of the listeners which will provide a new found soothing relief to the ears. So, on that note ladies and gentlemen get prepared for TYRAN MAXEY AKA F.A.L.C.K.U.N.’s controversial album called,

“the rapper, the devil, the music industry”
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