The Writers Poet @thewriterspoet - "Africa"

The Writer's Poet @thewriterspoet - "Africa"

The Writer's Poet, born as Martin Pounds, is a passionate spoken word artist hailing from the Bronx, 

New York. Harnessing the skill of poetry writing at the young age of 14, Martin set the course for a 
successful journey. Even though he was drawn to music he focused on refining his writing. His fusion 
of music and eloquent poetry is fulfilling and culminates into bringing people together across oceans. 
In his arsenal are two previous full-length album releases 'Reality Check' and 'The Rock Chronicles'. 
He is set to release a new album entitled '11:11 Elements Of Me' on the 11th of March 2017. This album 
is a collection of his personal, spiritual and historical experiences that depicts reflections of moments in 
everyday life. With One Mission, One Goal and One Dream, The Writer's Poet unequivocal fervor for 
the aesthetics of word play, intonation and voice infliction produces an unforgettable experience.

Twitter @thewriterspoet

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