Robert Green - "My Heart"

My name is Robert Green..I was born July 24 1971,in Little Rock Ark. Im the oldest of 3 children.I began singing as a child but I'm not singing patty cake anymore.As a matter of fact patty ain't seen cakes like this in a long time.

Having developed my own style by the influences of Keith Sweat,Stevie Wonder,The Gap Band,Prince,Micheal Jackson etc...and some gospel greats too ,like Commissioned, The Winans have shaped my sound into what it is today..I started playing the keyboards and writing my own music at the age of 19.Im 45 now.Yes I'm a late bloomer but still love music.i have about 190 tunes. 

my email is 
Through this company called distrokid I've been able to place my music in most all of the online music stores..ITunes
, Spotify, u name it

I have a message in my music that's simply Love,positive,and last but not least God.

Music track is entitled My Heart
u can find me on the website at 

My debut album if you want to call it that is entitled, "From Me To You" My Heart is on that album but I have 17 albums there all together with 10 tracks on each of them ranging from r&b,gospel,jazz,instrumentals.

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