Tayvon Ice Johnson - "Higher Self"

M.g. Productions International aka M.g. ( Larry Davis ) Established his production Company in 1998 based in Hollywood Ca. He produces music and performs, along with promoting and discovering talent by introducing their talents to the world. 

Tayvon Ice Johnson from Seaford Deleware is his featured artist at present who is signed to a promotional Service Agreement with M.g Productions International. On this track "Higher Self " the artist / vocalist /rapper is definitely the product that young fans and listeners globally that will definitely adapt to his distinct sound right away. 

The featured rapper H.o.c. compliments this track as both artist flow through this smooth positive tune ,with a lyrical message that's soothing to the ear. Look out for the up and coming full album /CD; where you will understand that M.g. has the ear for music, and that's why he believes in this up and coming artist Tayvon Ice Johnson. Tayvon is currently seeking a record deal with a label and at the present time he is an independent artist. 

Look for more to come from M.g. and Tayvon soon. 


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