Play J Snip @playjsnip (AKA Plaj $nip, KING SNIP)

Play J Snip (AKA Plaj $nip, KING SNIP) is a recording artist and producer from Southeast Georgia in the United States. He writes and performs all of his own original lyrics and also is involved in the production of the songs. He started rapping in his childhood in which he formed a rap group with his best friend, making rap tapes in the garage. At age 17 he got serious about music and he wrote two albums that would later be released worldwide by a European label. Play J would occasionally perform his raps at local house parties and open mic nights. Seeker of Truth is featured on the Home Run Derby Mixtape hosted by Steadyrockin Entertainment and Big League Promotions. Also Play J Snip has an EP called "The Chronicles of King Snip" to be released soon.

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