TheLedgeOfficial @iamtheledge - "Theyre Gone"

TheLedgeOfficial @iamtheledge - "They're Gone"

Jared Daws (born March 2, 1994) is an American born singer/songwriter who performs under the moniker "The Ledge." At a young age, he was faced with a tragic event that he claims shaped the path of his music: watching the death of his brother. Daws said this ultimately lead him to find R&B music. 

"I remember soon after losing my brother I saw two music videos, on what I'm guessing had to be the TV since internet wasn't a hugely popular thing just yet, and one was for Alicia Keys and the other for Ne-Yo. After listening to their voices and their raw emotion, I was completely captivated. I owe my entire musical career this far to them for influencing me so strongly."

For the majority of Daws's life, he has played music in any setting he could find. This included genres ranging from indie rock to heavy metal. It wasn't until he was offered the opportunity in 2016 to use his voice and work one on one with a producer that he finally took a step back to his musical roots which was singing R&B. From that point forward, he has since then been working exclusively on R&B music under his moniker "The Ledge" and released his first single "They're Gone" on April 14th.

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