Golden Boy Fospassin @fospassin - "The First Time"

22 time music awards winner,Golden Boy (Fospassin) is a prolific author-composer with over 800 songs recorded and released.

From Marietta Ga, USA, comes Golden Boy (Fospassin), often referred to by his fans as ‘the ultimate songwriter for the 21st century and king of the new way Hip hop’. This latest single, “The first time” was well worth the wait; another jewel in the Golden Boy (Fospassin) collection. I love the positive, uplifting lyrics and it’s also nice to hear music in which women are held in high regard.

Besides getting you up onto the dance-floor, this release is a solid reassurance to all that there is hope for LOVE, PEACE, JOY, HARMONY and all other positive expressions of humanity. “The first time” is an electro dance song, wisely written and well-crafted, both vocally and instrumentally.

Golden Boy (Fospassin) gives it all his got on the track and I would say he has hit a homerun. He takes a simple melody and allows his voice to flow along with the music while injecting it with silky smooth female voices then just soaring over the choruses and chord progressions with his adlibs.
Golden Boy (Fospassin) also infuses elements of exotic African influences into his sound, while he has an uplifting spiritual aura coming through in his music. Which means that you will definitely feel the need to dance while listening to “The first time” , but you will also feel really good doing it!

So if you need to liven up a house party or get the club grooving put this electro banger on the turntable and let Golden Boy (Fospassin) shake the place down.
Golden Boy (Fospassin)

Golden Boy (Fospassin)

You can tell that Golden Boy (Fospassin) has been maturing musically and I love it. His style is energetic and dynamic while he can dance his butt off too. No doubt “The first time – by Golden Boy (Fospassin)” will definitely keep you on your toes!

Song:The first time
Artist: Golden Boy (Fospassin)

Publisher: Patrick Sinclair Fosso
Phone: 678-934-4787

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