Milton Brasson aka Explosive @MADMAN5150MN Releases "NappyHead & Black Truck"

Milton Brasson aka Explosive born July 31st 1981 In Chicago, Illinois a resident of the Robert Taylor projects very poor high crime, drug, gang activity area early 80's and 90's. 

I been rapping since 98' my name speaks for it self I have a Explosive rapping style. I have collaborated music with with Crunchy Black from the group 3-6 Mafia. 5 yrs of my life was spent in Various correctional facilities throughout the state of Minnesota for an assault accusation. 

Marcus aka $mitty born in Stuttgart-Badcanstatt, Germany May 27 1982 due to father being stationed with the army. Soon after birth Marcus moved to the Bronx New York attended Ps 28 mt hope and Ps 53 Basheer Quisim located in poor sections of the bronx in the early 80' and 90's Tremont and Anthony Ave neighborhood.1995 At age 13 I moved to Minnesota. 

Early 2000 met Explosive. Early 2003 we both were sentenced to same correction facility. Early 2010 Marcus was also charged with 3rd degree sale cocaine and sentenced 2 yrs. 

Explosive and MES have formed a two man wrecking crew since released. The formulation of NY AND CHICAGO Rap STYLES IS TRUE IN ITS RAWEST FORM.

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