SHAH @DayOfShah - "Just Text"

Shah's style was born in the streets of Toronto, matured in the studios of New York and LA, and enriched in the clubs of Atlanta. The finished sound is a mosaic of Caribbean rhythms, Southern soul, and golden age storytelling. Combining savvy lyricism with eye-opening social commentary unleashing stories of his inner struggles, Shah's music enlightens, empowers and entertains.

Shah's songs have resonated internationally, helping to cultivate his fan base from South Asia to South America. Each installment of his critically acclaimed audiovisual series has racked up hundreds of thousands views on YouTube. His most recent video, Pay Day 71, called out the gender wage gap while becoming a mainstay in Atlanta's strip club circuit, known for breaking artists such as Future and Migos.

Shah continues to demonstrate his ability to create club bangers without compromising lyricism or storytelling. His new single, Just Text is currently in rotation at the influential Atlanta club Magic City. Shah wrote his new song Just Text while detained by the Department of Homeland Security after he was denied entry into America. Homeland Security gave Shah no reason for their actions and informed the Toronto native that if he was detained again while attempting to enter the US, he would be banned from the country for 3 to 10 years. “Just text” was the response Shah kept sending to phone calls he was receiving while texting his attorney in the detainment cell where phones were not permitted.

His attorney successfully guided Shah's return to America and has completed his O visa application (for artists who exhibit extraordinary talent) but this process could take up to one year under the newly elected Trump administration. Until then, he is unable to travel home, effectively being trapped in America.

Shah has not allowed this to slow him down, saying, "I’ve always looked to turn obstacles into opportunities. Once I knew I couldn’t return to Toronto, I started building in Atlanta, where the DJs took me in like family and helped bring the music to new heights.”

The Just Text video will be released May 12th in conjunction with a New York Daily News feature that documents Shah’s legal entrapment and its related hurdles, such as being unable to legally earn income. Shah agreed to speak to the New York Daily News because it presented an opportunity to raise awareness for others caught in similar situations and ultimately create positive change. As the child of immigrants who struggled to fit in, Shah strives to support marginalized people.

Shah adds, "I've been extremely fortunate. When word spread in New York, the hip hop community reached out and offered support. I’m compelled to bring attention to others facing more dire situations, like moms who have been torn from their families. If telling my story can help these lives, then this’ll have all have been worth it.”

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