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Jared is nearly done with his second EP, titled MAN BEHIND THE MASK. “I am almost done and am hoping to release this EP in the summer of 2017. I have eight songs, with two bonus tracks. The title comes from the song by the same name.  "It’s about asking a younger version of me if he's happy about who he has become.  It is also the first song I ever wrote FOR myself. I write music to connect with other people but when I started to create the music for this track I was feeling distant from myself, sort of overwhelmed with school, girls and fighting Lyme disease. This song helped me come to terms with everything that was happening in my life.” 

Jared, who is looking forward to playing more shows with the EP’s release (“I’ve played up and down the east coast but would love to go on a proper tour”), knows he is in music for the long haul. “The most important part of music is the story that it tells. It doesn’t have to tell it with words– it could be instrumental. As long as a song reaches you emotionally and tells a story, then it’s a work of art. To me, music is the finest form of communication, and I plan to keep communicating for a long, long time.”

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