Francesco Digilio - The Shades Of Smooth Jazz

Francesco Digilio, pianist, arranger and record producer, is active on the Italian and international music scene. Francesco Digilio boasts several collaborations and recordings with established artists such as Fred Bongusto, Lino Patruno, Franco Nero, Vittorio Storaro, Joseph Cionfoli, Stefano Masciarelli, Virginia Raffaele, Bobby Solo, Tony Esposito, Mariano Apicella, Sammy Barbot, Franco Fasano, Silvia Mezzanotte, Renzo Arbore, Claudio Lippi, Alan Sorrenti, Andrea Mingardi, and many others. He provide synchronization and musical services for radio and television networks such as the Italian State Television (RAI), Mediaset, SKY, LA7, and others. Sifare, besides publishing music (printing, marketing , public relations, distribution), also produces soundtracks for films and jingles, including advanced audio post production using its own professional recording studio equipped with a system for listening in Dolby Surround 5.1. The Sifare Editions Publishing, with over 10,000 titles in the catalog, is geared towards high end music, ranging from classical to jazz, pop to chill out lounge, Ibiza Cafe del Mar, with promotion, distribution, and sale of its catalog around 100 online stores. Francesco Digilio currently receives support from many internet radios connected to online stores, with over 1.000.000 monthly streams and is also listed in the top 10 in the category “Smooth Jazz “on Spotify, Deezer, Yandex and

The album "The Shades Of Smooth Jazz" Was released on January 19 on iTunes, Spotify, and other 100 platforms Online through Digi Beat Publishing London and The Sifare Edizioni Publishing
From Rome.

"The Shades Of Smooth Jazz" sees the Extraordinary participation of saxophonist And flutist Eric Daniel (who boasts Artistic collaborations with Steve Wonder, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald),
Who interpreted with mastery ed Elegance all 11 tracks of the album, Written and arranged by the pianist And arranger Francesco Digilio.

The album "The Shades Of Smooth Jazz" Is part of one of Francesco's playlists Digilio on Spotify that counts thousands of Followers and streaming, currently between The top 50 Playlist in the United States, Kind of Smooth Jazz.

To listen to the album linked to:
The Shades Of Smooth Jazz

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