Jethro Decimus @decimusjethro - "EXODUS"

For his debut, Jethro Decimus released his first music video entitled "EXODUS", which you can view here  ->  |   

Jethro has also released his first debut EP/album entitle "EXODUS", which is available on all legal digital platforms. This five song EP tells the story of his journey and his culture. The album has two main goals: to show the human race that we are all looking for some sort of freedom and that we are in dire need of help that the human power cannot manufacture. His music leaves one in a reflection stage. Jethro’s music genre is Fusion, a World genre, which is a mixture of an Afro-Caribbean rhythmic pattern.
More about the artist below –
Artist name: Jethro Decimus
Location: USA   |   Nationality: Sint-Maarten, France, USA and Haiti.
Music Styles: World, Caribbean, African, Reggae, Afro music
EP/CD name: EXODUS   |   Release date: November 25, 2016
Artist contact:

The Artist Publicist: Paul Decimus

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