MeKenna @MeKennaTate - "Crush" feat. Fresh Kid Marco

MeKenna @MeKennaTate - "Crush" feat. Fresh Kid Marco

MeKenna has always enjoyed singing. She found it to be her passion when she was in her schools talent show in the 3rd grade. Her 4th grade year she auditioned to sing the National Anthem at her schools annual May Fest and won the part. In the fall of that same year she got the opportunity to perform during the Amite Relay for Life event. She recently perfomed in the Italian festival as well as local beauy pagent 

Today MeKenna is a part of her parents recording label, Blue Star Production, and she's working on releasing her first album. Her plans are to start a project promoting anti-bullying. Her goal is to travel to local schools performing and talking to her peers about bullying and having the courage to "stand up and speak out". MeKenna has been performing for D.A.R.E graduations this year as well as speaking to the kids about being bullied. She has partnered up with Heidi Carrier in hopes of changing lives.

She is a cheerleader MeKenna also goes to local schools with other artists to speak and perform against bullying.

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