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Isaiah Jamel @isaiahjamel

Conversational. Inspiring. Honest. Soulful. Universally appealing. Truly original. New York-based gospel-soul singer-songwriter Isaiah Jamel’s music is an uplifting force in a chaotic and challenging world.

Isaiah started his musical journey as an organist at the age of eight. His family was already filled with singers and he carried on the tradition, self-teaching himself until received additional professional training later in life. Since then, Jamel has continued his musical journey at a constant pace and his ever- growing trove of musical inspirations run deep and wide. Although he had received his degree in economics, music was always Isaiah’s main passion as he continued to mature. So in 2010, after his mother suggested he expand his mastery of musical instruments and utilize his voice more in his music, he set his eyes on a music career. With the help of musical mentors spanning New York and Boston, soon thereafter he wrote and released his first album "Ready To Win" (in 2012) with his group ANuPeople.

While Isaiah’s music has definite universal appeal – incorporating elements of soul, R&B, While Isaiah’s music has definite universal appeal – incorporating elements of jazz and rock - his focus is on delivering songs with Christian-themed topics that are uplifting to the spirit and encourage others to find their inner strength. His lyrics tackle real world issues, drawing upon his personal life experiences to further along the message. Isaiah’s goal is to inspire both Christian and non-Christian listeners to not only search for Christ but to search for better.

Isaiah’s musical journey, with a new level of maturity, prayed on, “Transparency Part 1” demonstrates an exponential growth in emotional ups and downs and Spiritual vulnerabilities. Created patiently and On the EP, Isaiah reaches deep into his portrayals of life's experiences, Isaiah is set to release his sophomore EP, "Transparency Pt. 1", in Spring 2017. creativity and openness. It’s an album displaying who Isaiah is now, what he’s grown to be and how he has arrived at this place. It’s an album with the goal of starting a movement of transparent thinking, promoting honestly about one’s successes and failures in life and discovering the divine insight that can be gained from examining both.

Singer/Songwriter, Musician & Worshipper! New Singles "Can't Let Go" & "My Moment" available on iTunes now! 

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