Deezy Diablo @DeezyDiabloAtl @DeezyDiablo - Still Dripping Mud On The Grind

Growing up Deezy Diablo learned how to record himself and others on various programs and was able to sit-in on engineering sessions with a couple of producers. Over the years Deezy Diablo has been apart of a lot of other music artist's situations behind the scenes doing video recording and editing more engineering not to mention hype-man work. 

Once Deezy figured out the streets and other peoples situations wasn't going to provide growth for him and his family he decided to get out of music and into the workforce. After several years of back breaking work Deezy climbed to manager status at a Moving Company in Atlanta, Ga. only to find out the glass ceiling turned into cement and it was time to move on so he left the company and started his own Moving Company. Finding time and realizing the business aspect of the music industry was all he was missing so Deezy Diablo went to work..... 

Born in Miami, Fl. Deezy Diablo brings the world his personal version of coming up out of the struggle and facing adversity head on through his gift of music. Talented in many of ways Deezy Diablo has set himself on a path that can and will be described as legendary. The music created by Deezy Diablo is all wrote and pretty much engineered by himself. The beats are from producers and family who Deezy has built long term relationships with.

Deezy Diablo (Independent Artist)
Atlanta, Ga
Still Dripping Mud On The Grind (Clean Version)
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