Lil Sko - I Aint Lying

Lil Sko

Born Danville, Ill, (Lil Sko ) was raised in Memphis, Tenn. As he began his journey through the back streets of Memphis, his presence was being felt on the underground scene. From popping up on DJ Squeeky’s and Skinny Pimp mix tapes “Underground Hustlers “, to Indo G’s “Christmas in Memphis”, and Tommy Wright III” Behind Closed Doors”. 

Lil Sko was making his name stand out in the south Hip Hop world. With Lil Sko seeing the success of the projects he participated on, it focused him and gave him the urge to search for angles to the next level of the game. Anxiously to lead the New South, he began a paper route that landed him out west, in Las Vegas, NV. There he connected with Mac Nig a.k.a Alnardo Wright and some of his home, town partners. Mac Nig was producing tracks for artist around Vegas and introduced Lil Sko to Space Hogg and let him hear some of the work they were doing and from there “we went into the kitchen “say’s Sko. “I heard Sko and felt his vibe (Space Hogg) this the element that officially locked the game and start our movement.” 

Working toward his first solo debut, with his M-town slang and his rapid hostile metaphors twisting, like bullets are going to be something you couldn’t duck from if you tried! With the south tightening, their grips on the Hip Hop game please believe you’ll be seeing Lil Sko right in the front! “I’ve been thanking God for giving me the ability to show my skills and be able to keep people believing in me “Lil Sko”…. Band Members: Tha Manson Family, Tha Line-up, Space Hogg Tha Boss,Lil Sko,Psycho,Lil Jack,Yunge Koke and Mr.Nig2a.

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