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Born and raised in Atlanta, Sir Hop cut his teeth in rap music while attending Auburn University. During his six year stint in Alabama, he released two solo projects: Square One (2010) and Greed Or Ambition (2011). Both LP’s were released under the name J-Hop. After the release of Greed Or Ambition, Hop turned his attention towards post production and mixed several albums/singles for several artists. In 2015, Sir Hop reemerged as half of the hip-hop group, RMVBM. After a critically acclaimed album and a small run of shows (including festivals such as Secret Stages), the group’s momentum ground to a halt as unsavory circumstances rendered the group inactive. Following the winds of change, Sir Hop returned to Atlanta with plans to release his newest full-length project, The Allure. The Allure was mostly produced by Sir Hop himself while serving as the first solo project since Greed Or Ambition. The Allure has since been released as of August 2017.

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