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The name of the EP says it all! Phelo the Great has truly put his heart, soul and passion into his new EP, Phelosophy, that released on February 2nd. Each song displays growth, maturity and awareness; a definite change from Phelo’s previous music. Phelo is schooling his listeners; he wants them to clearly hear and adopt his message. Let’s peek into each song, so you can truly understand – Phelosophy. 

BOUT DAT featuring Freeway Rick Ross 
This song is definitely a banger for the club, but it doesn’t stop there. Despite the catchy beat and the amazing bass, Phelo makes sure he continues to send a message to the world. Phelo has arrived! He has come to take over the game and the world needs to prepare for his musical takeover. 


This is an all-time favorite. The beat, rhythm, and flow give it a touch of Neosoul (which makes it is a great song for the Pop charts). The song is all about encouragement and empowerment. In your search for your destiny, you must be careful of the wolves in sheep’s clothing (many people are untrustworthy). Take heed but stay true to your path. 

This is the most powerful song on the EP. It grabs you right from the start and you feel Phelo’s determination to make you truly feel the truth he is spilling into this song. If this song doesn’t touch you immediately and make you rethink your life, you have missed the main premise of the song. Phelo shares his truth to help enlighten the masses. 

Phield Of Dreams
If you want to know the true growth and maturity that Phelo has evolved into over the past few years, you only need to listen to this song. It is a smooth flowing song that encourages people to turn their dreams into a reality. Keep your dreams alive! 

I Don’t Know 
Phelo is a true lyricist and he is very expressive throughout his EP. “I Don’t Know” speaks of the attacks the black community continually suffers. Phelo’s frustration is felt clearly not only through his lyrics but also in the heart-stopping beat he added to the track. How much are we supposed to take as a community before we push back and start standing up for ourselves? The song encourages us to come together, treat each other better and never lose faith. 

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