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Diamara is a singer/songwriter from North West Province of South Africa who finds therapy in writing poems and music. She lays down her life journey on the songs she writes, so as her pain, heart, hopes and courage. Music makes it easy for self-expression and she finds endless freedom in it, by being the voice of the unheard. Out of Tlhakgameng came out a cosmic star. On the 30th September 1993 a girl child was born at Tlhakgameng local clinic named Dineo Moseki(stage name DIAMARA),the last born of five girls. She is of Damara-Nama and Shona ethnicities, her mother being a South African and her father Zimbabwean.At eight months her mother left her in the care of her aunt,her mother was employed as a domestic worker. 

Her earliest music memories are right before going to kinder-garden,she humbly remembers watching music videos on a small black and white TV that generated power from a car battery to switch on.”I really got intrigued by the sound that came out of that tiny black box” she says.”When I was home alone all I wanted to hear was music and so I would play music and sing along and I would invite my family friends and relatives to watch me perform for them.And the comments I always received were always about my depth of emotion at such a young age and I didn't even understand what that meant at the time. ” she recalls. Throughout her school years from primary until high school she was always part of the school choir, singing solos and leads. In 2010 she joined a Batswana traditional dance group and even went on to record an album in the Limpopo Province, with her leading a few tracks, one of those tracks is in Nama language called “Xlhamme Autere” (pour me water). 

She later went on to audition for Idols SA, where she unfortunately didn't make top 16 and only made it to top 29.Being the flame she is, she went back to try again, more determined she made it to Idols SA 2015 top 6 of which she felt content and knew she is already a winner to have went that far. After Idols SA 2015 she released an afro-house track named Forenzo with 1stjhb Music and it made it to African top 40 on TransAfrica radio, the song grew to become number 1 for more than 10 weeks in a row. It also played on Metro fm, Yfm, capricorn fm, Sedibeng fm and Motsweding fm to name but a few. In 2016 she released her first E.P which is titled “Revived” which consists of tracks like “sleepwalker” and “die no more” they got airplay and did very well. The E.P reflects on abuse, love, loss and triumph. Diamara is very much involved in making a difference in people's lives, she invests her time and energy in community and charity projects and services and also engages herself in motivational speaking. 

She has been involved in woman and children empowerment projects and initiatives such as the Trek-4-Mandela giving sanitary pads to underprivileged pupils. She has recently joined forces with a newly established NPO (Re A Fana Charity Foundation) which focuses on uplifting and building the disadvantaged. “I have been stumbling, I fall and I get back up. Music is my savior,It has delivered me from hardships,music shall be embedded at my cemetery.”-Diamara Track Writing and recording processMachine gun is a spirit upliftment and empowerment anthem. When I wrote machine gun I was going through a very tough time, going through depression and fighting through those that were trying to impede me from my destiny. And so machine gun came along; a song to give not only me but someone out there who needs words of encouragement to keep going no matter what and to believe in one’s self capabilities. 

When I got in studio I already knew I wanted a new, catchy yet authentic sound and so me and the producer (LeClere Serumula) sat down and constructed the song from scratch fusing Japanese elements (inspired by Zion Ledimo) with retro-base tunes and alternative melodies and when we listened to our creation we were very complete. The Inspiration behind Machine Gun Machine gun is my self given platform to say enough is enough. I'm done with constant self torture of if I am good enough, talented enough or even worth it.I had decided that it is time to stand up for myself and not only be vibrant on stage but also in life. I AM A MACHINE GUN, YOU ARE A MACHINE GUN.

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