Faith Antionette @FaithAntionette - “Touchdown”

Faith Antionette aka Faith Melton is an artist from the Metro Atlanta area. She is trained in several genres including Opera, Classical, R&B, Pop, and Musical Theatre. She has been singing for over 25 years and vows to never stop. “Music is a passion that lies deep within my soul”, she expresses “it drives me, it inspires me, it lifts me up”. Faith Antionette also writes her own music. She has been writing songs since she was 13. “Writing has always been a form of expression for me. I enjoy creative writing: writing poetry, writing lyrics, or writing one-act plays”.

About the single “Touchdown”
When I wrote the song Touchdown, I wanted to be a fun piece with multiple meanings attached. What are the meanings? One meaning is of course football, the other revolves around a relationship, and the last one... well, I’m sure you can guess that. I wanted the sound to derive from a sort of hip hop beat but be complemented with a female voice. I did throw a little bit of Opera vocals in the beginning, and a little melody in the bridge, yet I kept the chorus simple. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it. 

Twitter : @FaithAntionette
Instagram : Faith Antionette

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