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Dancing on the line of indie and blues rock lies Pittsburgh-based quartet The Vics.  Consisting of Bobby Dugan on vocals and guitar, Ben Auer on guitar, Nick Linder on bass and Henri Seabright on the drum kit, the group met while attending university in 2016. In the same year they released their debut EP “Sparrow” and performed their music with the Washington Symphony Orchestra. Their self titled album, released in 2017, propelled the group forward in the Pittsburgh area. With singles “Almost” and “Juveniles” the group displays a clear representation of a nouveau sound littered with infectious guitar riffs. The group is hard at work on their next record expected to be released later in the year.  

2017  - The band released their debut self-titled album.   They've captured a nouveau sound thoughout.   Surfing With Abbey,  Put a Little Pepper On It,  Ace of Hearts and Leona Lovegrove have captivating, snappy lyrics with instant appeal. Green Tea Letters is self reflective and a must hear.  

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The Vics released their second single Juveniles.  It’s a little edgier than prior releases and a great party tune but maintains an Indie/Blues Rock quality.
2016 - The band released their first single Almost which is a story we can all relate to in Indie/Rock fashion. 

The Vics also released their debut EP Sparrow  (Sinners and Saints; Not Your Man)  (Spotify/ITunes) which is great and fresh in the Indie/Blues Rock style.    

January 2016 - The Vics  (Indie Rock Blues) formed  while attending university in 2016.

About the Band:
Bobby Dugan: Erie, PA Native - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Henri Seabright: Pittsburgh Native - Drums
Ben Auer: Pittsburgh Native - Guitar
Nick Linder: Pittsburgh Native - Bass

Bobby Dugan  

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