Calib Deron @calibderon - The Gift

Calib Deron is a driven and intelligent rap artist who set out to make music with a striking personal twist. His sound bridges the gaps between the edgy vibe of contemporary hip-hop and the warmth of the golden age; dabbling in earnest lyricism, powerful melodies and a lot of energy.

Calib’s most recent release, “The Gift”, is a great example of excellent production aesthetics and tightly-woven arrangements with a striking flow.

Echoing the work of influential performers such as 2Pac, Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar, among others, Calib is certainly on the fast track to impress many people with his sound and sharp delivery.

“The Gift” has a unique concept, as a representation of life itself, encouraging people to truly let their potential shine and follow their dreams. Has Calib would say…STIR IT UP!

Find out more about the project and don’t miss out on the artist’s recent releases and activities.

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