Frenemy (Khaled Was Right) - Joe Padre

Joe is one of a rare breed who can maneuver effectively through the social spectrum. Somewhat of a Meyer Lansky of his time. His diverse cultural awareness allows for a wide variety of audiences and introduces something new and fresh into his production style. Hailing from San Diego, California, where hip-hop played a major role in urban lifestyle since the 80’s; Joe is a descendant of immigrants with a familial heritage rooted in modern day Sicily. Many obscure influences may be reflected in his sound through textures found in that region over the ages. Much of this influence is Mediterranean, N. African,  European, and Middle Eastern; in addition to other cultures of romantic language.​

is ability to compose and conjugate words and tone are inherited in part by both his paternal and maternal lineage. Joe is grandson to an opera singer and son to a piano virtuoso.  One of his collaborators Dj Etc. describes his style as “impactful” and “dangerously discrete.”  Probably because up until the time he put out a consecutive string of seven plus projects within just a few years, not many had known him to have such an incredible ear for music.  

After a flurry of Joe Padre the Don music hitting the streets in the form of Bboy Mafia Vol. 1-2 (2002-2004), Armory Massive Vol. 1-2 (2005-2007), the song-for-song mixed album SD Streets (2007) [dedicated to graffiti writer ‘Paris One’], and The Legendary project (2009), he opted for sabbatical before commencement of his most current masterwork entitled, Don of a New Era.  This project is the culmination of over a decade of song writing and production, specifically set aside for a more much wider audience that is readily accessible through new technological advances in music distribution. 

The Don of a New Era project is currently being recorded throughout various studios in California and Nevada.  The first single “Frenemy” will be due out come late 2018, and followed up shortly thereafter by the Gallery I EP.  As a producer first, Joe Padre's ultimate goal is to put out a compilation/producer album that parallels the likes of Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001. For him, this has always been the sonic benchmark for greatness. However of course, a new and fresh secret sauce is to be incorporated that will provide an edge that is missing in today's music landscape. An innovation that will usher in a new era.

With a musical inclination founded on many different genre, Joe Padre offers a cuisine of sound that may be motivated by funk, rock, soul, jazz, and various types of experimental music found in Europe in the 60’s and 70’s.  He recalls receiving his first record “Five Minutes of Funk” by Whodini as a pivotal experience in his life, “I knew at the ripe age of twelve that I was determined to figure out how to piece together a beat like I heard on that record... and I knew that once I figured it out I would never stop creating.”   As a result, Joe P humbly stands before the hip hop community refracting the light of some of his favorite producers like The Trackmasters, Dj Battlecat, Dr. Dre, Easy Mo Bee, Dj Premier, Rick Rubin, Dj Scratch, Pete Rock, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Lord Finesse, Marley Marl, Sir Jinx, Rza, Hi-Tek, and Paul C.  

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