KharYsma Arafat NZABA - Big Up,Big Down

KharYsma Arafat NZABA - Big Up,Big Down
He has an MBA in finance; and a university degree in trust law obtained from Harvard University Extension as you can see from the following Linkedin cv link

In November 2015, he won an Akademia Music Award in Hollywood in the category of best dance video music, he obtains more than 500,000 streams of his music on the biggest platforms and wins a new trophy Akademia Music Award in April 2018 for the title Dear fan, in the category Best Hip Hop / Rap. 

His artist name is kharYsma Arafat-NZABA with a capital Y. Since he started his music in 2006, his Titles have ranked among the top hits on the internet. with ourstage, Coast2Coast, Itunes Turkey, ... And also in the top sales amazon Usa and France for his french ebook: Fini le célibat, les mots,le style pour séduire son coeur.

Her first album Inattendu published in 2012 and produce by GBT/klym record, marks the beginning of his solo career in international, then a release in the Hot urban music collection cd in 2014, the Best of kharYsma 2006-2015 and a new album entitled: I'm back (Des Rimes en or) which will release after the music featuring with the major artist: Rick Ross.
A proof of the artistic maturity of the artist: kharYsma Arafat NZABA. Now, discover her music and buy it, because the artist kharYsma choose to live from his music too.

(c) NZABA MOUNGUENGUE Bouesse Arafat (Sacem, Adami)
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