JaneliaSoul New Album Set for June 2018 Radio Debut and Free Download “I Am Bold”

First Single from Janeliasoul’s New Album Set for June 2018 Radio Debut and Free Download
I Am Bold” is one of 6 tracks on the ‘Self-Affirmation Project’ EP

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, JUNE 5, 2018 - Janeliasoul is one of the most highly recognized independent world music bands, known for its unique sound and woman-front. Janeliasoul announced the upcoming debut of her EP, ‘Self-Affirmation Project’ will be released on July 13, 2018 and the album will feature 6 singles with affirmations all beginning with the words “I Am”. Now the project is one step closer to its official release in July. “I Am Bold” the first single from the album is now being released for radio airplay
and it will begin playing on the radio in June 2018. Fans can get a sneak peek of the new single and download it for free on her website http://www.janeliasoul.com.
According to Janeliasoul, the inspiration for the album derives from using positive thinking and self-affirmations to get away from negative self-talk. Janeliasoul has also hinted about a cover of a Beyonce song, which she said will be a pleasant surprise for fans who listen to the album when in drops in July.


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