Casiaus Kachina - From Seed To Tree

Casiaus Kachina has been writing poems and music since he was a child. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, he witnessed the hard knocks of life. Seeing others become “damaged” by this world was a very unsettling thing for him. Whenever he wrote it was often to uplift him or the people around. He also writes about the reality of others and the things that most people tend to turn a blind eye to.
It was last year that he decided to put his songs and poems behind a beat and on a screen. This song “From Seed To Tree” is about growing through those hard knocks and making it out a stronger person. It speaks of self-assertion and how one should never rely on someone to walk through life for them because only they are capable of doing so themselves. With four videos already out he plans on continuing to make more music that will reach the hearts and minds of others.

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