Chris James @mommjdot uses his music to not only tell a story, but to push his listeners to think.

With a unique, eclectic artistry that incorporates a variety of elements, Chris James uses his music to not only tell a story but to push his listeners to think, evolve and transcend right along with him. The Texas-based rapper style revolves around "trap conscious," which Chris describes as, "taking that trap sound or beat and putting a conscious flow over it. You get the best of both worlds. You get that sound, you get that feeling, but then you get that shit that can grow you."

Drawing from musical influences like Wayne, Pac, Kevin Gates, Outkast, Jay-Z and more, Chris isn't afraid to play around with different styles and sounds until he gets the perfect essence to offer to his audience since he views his listeners as his partners along his journey. This is why when he names some of his biggest musical milestones, he says things like "we" opened up for Wale and Bun B, meaning he and his fans and supporters. 

Instagram: @mommjdot

contact: 254-220-5984

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