Jerzey John - Cherry Blossoms (My Goodbye to You)

Jerzey John - Cherry Blossoms (My Goodbye to You)

Jerzey John burst onto the scene in 2013 after meeting producer/label owner Eric Ross at a local bar in San Antonio, Texas while stationed there.  Eric, owner of Soniquarium Muzika Records/SQ1, just happened to be a veteran of the EDM scene.  

After becoming friendly, John shared some of his poetry and Spoken Word inspired-flow with Eric, who decided to put him on his label.  Their first collaboration, “I Remember” was released in November of 2014.  John then linked up with producer, Smoked Out Tracks out of New Jersey on his next three releases, “If Only”, “All Night”, and “Ibiza”, which were all released on Soniquarium Muzika Records in 2015.  “Cold Autumn Nights” with Malaysian sensation, Tekssive soon followed in 2016.  “Their New Start” marks John’s first project in over a year.

John has a full-time job as an active duty member of the United States military, so his work has been somewhat limited to this point.   However, John’s unique flow, style of writing, vivid storytelling abilities, and truthful take on Spoken Word are his biggest attributes and are what set him apart from others.  He brings a fresh, uninhibited style from his beginnings in New Jersey, experiences in the military, and the many different genres of music that have inspired and influenced his outlook on life.  Jerzey John has a whole wealth of talent that has not yet been tapped into; therefore, the sky is the limit for what is to come… His future looks extremely promising!

Label: Electronic-Boy Records
Release Date: 11 Sep 2018
Twitter: @JerzeyJohn
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Soundcloud link (distributed on electronic boy records soundcloud):
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Jerzey John

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