Philipp Rehm & Tania Kross “Warawara”

Philipp Rehm & Tania Kross “Warawara”

Both artists are based in The Netherlands: Rehm, a known bassplayer and composer is originally from Berlin, while Kross, an internationally celebrated opera singer, was born on Curaçao. The amazing international background of these two artists is definitely portrayed within their music. Their sound has a really strong attitude and a very creative feel. The beat combines electronica and carribean sounds, Rehm’s virtuous bass guitar playing is inspired by classical scores and Tania’s unique voice blends Peruvian Baroque and celtic sounds which brings the song to a mystique level. One might also be reminded of fantastic bands like Massive Attack, Portishead or Radiohead, only to mention a few. It is quite amazing to see how many different influences can seamlessly fit within the music: this collaboration shows, that music is fun for all, and creativity knows no boundaries.

Warawara is the largest predator bird in Curaçao and it is also the name of the island’s navigation system. This meaning really highlights the international creative scope of the project, as well as the fact that these artists love to keep an open mind and create music without pre-conceptions!

Philipp Rehm was born in Berlin and is currently living in the Netherlands. He is a composer/producer with a unique style and also a virtuoos bass player. Who has shown his love for expanded grooves and crossover genres on his album 'The Philbum‘, highly recommended by the press. Philipp, who was chosen ‘Germany’s Super Bassist’ by the German bassmagazine ‘ Bassprofessor’, combines electronic music with his amazing bass playing and is known for experimenting with rhythms and forming something unique and appealing with this. 

Opera singer Tania Kross, born in Curaçao, living in the Netherlands, sang in all important concert halls, among others in Paris, Salzburg, Vienna and Carnegie Hall in New York. She is a popular guest on television and with verve, she expresses her love for music and shows people classical music is fun for everyone. She played the title roll in the opera Carmen at the State Opera Stuttgart and in the prestige Glyndebourne Opera Festival. Tania tours with her own theatre show Carmen revisited and her Top 2000 show through the Netherlands.

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