J. Asadi - Lazarus Experiment

J. Asadi - Lazarus Experiment
Born on 9/11, a Virgo, an only child born to fight my any battle and overcome any obstacles. Not having many options or choices, he went on to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Receiving an Honorable Discharge with awards and decorations. 

He would later fall victim to a White Supremacist System he had once served. Now majoring in Business Administration and am on the Deans List and Honor Society. J. Asadi just recently started “Dark Mafia Entertainment.” 

Noted as saying with no hesitation, “I am now back to rightfully take my seat at the table and won't stop until I taste the fruits of my labor. I want my music to reflect the spirit of those who want to get the most out of life. 

My influences would go from 2pac, Biggie, 8ball and MJG, Geto Boys, Joe Budden, 50 Cent, ect... hence time has now brought us “Da Fallen Angel.” 
Info about the track and some of the album: 


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