TAZIA - 4:30 AM

Hi, I'm Tazia, pronounced "Tasia (like Fan'tasia' the singer)." I'm a 20 year college student studying to be a clinical psychologist. I've sang since I could talk. My parents were heave church-goers so that's where I got my start when it comes to singing in front of a crowd. 

4:30am was written days after a break up. I'm not a very open book when it comes to my feelings, you find that out in the beginning of the song, "I hate losing the lighter more than I hate losing friends." Unfortunately that was a coping method for me for a long time. I don't recommend that in any way, shape. or form. The song was just a way for me to express everything that I was feeling cause I was really hurt. It was also a way to express everything that went on in that relationship that no one knew about. 

This is nldsolutions

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