Minty J - Immortal

If you thought hip-hop was dead, you’d be dead wrong, as there’s still one artist out there fighting the good fight for quality rap music. A skilled hip-hop veteran in his own right, James Mercer, or better known under his stage-name ‘Minty J’, is an emerging hip-hop act from Boston. A once underground rapper in the 80’s and 90’s, now back on the scene decades later with a vengeance Although bringing us all a refreshing new take on the genre. Minty J can be easily characterized by his iconic, classic rap-style, neatly wrapped up in a highly-polished, modernly-produced package. Combining hard, old-school beats with raw, authentic lyrics and skillful, precise flow. Remarkably reminiscent of rap legends such as Nas, Public Enemy and Rakim. This is one artist that’s hard to ignore, both in terms of his songs and talent.

Upon becoming infatuated with rap music at the age of just 13, a young James Mercer started a rap group with his friends call ‘3rd Rail’. They got their start in true underground style by setting up a makeshift studio in his bedroom and touring all the local bars and clubs. Although learning a lot about the rap trade from this project, the group eventually disbanded and it wasn’t until the mid 90’s when James started work again as a solo act. Eventually walking away from music altogether to start up a construction business.

These days his business still keeps the rapper busy, however you’ll now find him writing and performing under his ‘Minty J’ moniker. This comes after a 3 year push of relentlessly making music and improving his craft. Which was spurred by a nagging realization that music was still in his heart, many years after walking away from it. After training himself up to dizzingy high skill levels of rapping and restructuring his priorities towards a music career. Minty J was finally picked up by ‘Bentley Records’. A New York based record label, home to many modern prodigies With a reputation for creating ‘classics’, the label aims to take Minty to the next level and give his best records to the world.

To be blunt, there’s no other rap-artist out there right now quite like Minty J. His experience in both rap and life, shines through in his music. Which you can see is just very real and although back to basic, packs a serious punch.

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