Ronbon the new singer and rapper from Southside Greensboro, NC.

Ronbon the new singer and rapper from Southside Greensboro, NC. 

I First started rapping in 2011 when I made a freestyle to "Tupac Back" by Meek Mill when I was 18 years old. I recorded the freestyle on my phone and liked how I sounded so that year for Christmas I got some studio equipment to make full songs on my own. 

This was also around the same time I started my part-time job at UPS which is where I currently work now. In 2017 I quit my full time job as a retail manager to focus fully on finishing my first mixtape titled "Black Mask." After listening to the mixtape a few said I was in comparison to Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Meek Mill. 

Recently I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and decided to sing a freestyle on a track. I noticed right away that I can sing really well so that track turned into my single "Team on Fire" which is a song that takes the breath away when heard for the first time. I put my best foot forward in every song and my other single "Never Second" has generated over 400,000 views on Worldstarhiphop. 

I am willing to push any single of mines till they reach the top of the charts. I have high confidence that I can achieve this and many other goals I have set for myself and my team. I am in love with music and will constantly work till I can make a career out of it. Sincerely, Ronbon

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