AboutMeemo is something of DIY talent.

A self-taught bass player, guitarist, and songwriter, Mimmo Ripa, better known by the creative moniker of AboutMeemo is something of DIY talent. After starting to play guitar at the young age of fourteen, he went on to play with a handful of classic punk and heard rock bands throughout the late 70’s, including Giovent├╣ Bruciata, Blood 77, and V.S.A., along with the triumphant indie rock troupe Nulla Tace. It was his last project however, the raucous and defiant grunge hounds, Bleeding Scar, that fully shaped Ripa’s sound, bringing him to his latest invention, AboutMeemo.

For Ripa, the guitar has become the key to creating a vast array of worlds, a channel through which he can freely express himself. With the guitar mastered, Ripa had time to spend on his vocals, adding lyrics to his music and adding the finishing touches to his own unique sound.

His most celebrated release so far, ‘Souvenirs’ is a twelve-track collection of dynamic alt. rock. Bringing influences from his life growing up in Italy and Ireland, Ripa’s sound is a clear evolution on Seattle’s cult scene. Infused with a heavy grunge vibe, the album is filled with visceral droning guitars, heavy bass notes, and atmospherics that just get heavier as the album rolls on. Tracks like ‘Shapeshifter’, ‘432 Hertz Mind’, and the album’s title track all creak along with the classic Seattle sound, bringing all the old anthemics to the modern era.It’s not all lingering, growling anthems though, and ‘Souvenirs’ knows how to bring the high intensity cuts sure enough. Tracks like ‘Forgotten Lies’ and ‘Short Loves’ hold firm to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam’s unrelenting sounds, packing a punch and leaving destruction in their wake. One of the real gems of the album through is the closing track ‘Up Hear’, a rolling epic that leaves its mark upon the listener without apology or any due care. It’s a heavy, perfect end to the album, bringing to a close one of the most authentic, modern grunge albums we’ve come across.

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