Dijah - Real Matik EP

Dijah, born Nadisha Thomas in Kingston Jamaica recognized her passion for the arts at a very tender age.

After attending Holy Childhood High School and learning to play the drum set in the brass band, she yearned to explore other areas of her creativity by writing poetry. After having an affinity for poetry and literature, she started to express her interest in the spoken word where she would perform her pieces at the Red Bones Blues Cafe.

It was here that she began to nurture her talent to impact many. In November 2013 she was invited to join an All Girls Reggae band where she would record with the other band members at Tuff Gong Studio on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston Jamaica. During this time, Dijah, not yet knowing her full capabilities 
was the lead drummer in the band. Each band member was required to write their own lyrics when it was time to record and it was then that she realized how much she enjoyed rhyming and synching it with her unique flow. 

Dijah's flow at the time was influenced by creative song writers and musicians like Lauryn Hill, Damian Marley, EVE, The fugees, Notorious BIG, Nas, 2Pac and Snoop Dog just to name a few. Unfortunately, the band fell apart and Dijah moved on to focus on other projects. 

In December 2017, 2 years after migrating to the United States she met Marvin Santiago aka Armada The Producer (The Formula) on Beat Stars. She observed that the amazingly talented Puerto Rican born music producer worked with even talented Jamaican Artistes himself with a wealth of experience in the industry as a songwriter, Engineer and Deejay.

Dijah admired the beauty of his craft and soon became a fan of his skills working on instrumentals that he created from hiphop, reggae to reggaeton latin beats, with a dancehall to rap flow. The stars began to align when Dijah created her own studio in her walk in closet amidst her fabrics.

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